COVID-19 Protocols for TYA Baseball -- PLEASE READ

Sep 3, 2020 9:02 AM
William Sinn

The following are the drafted guidelines for use by the TYA Softball and Hatfield-Towamencin Baseball organizations, under the Towamencin Youth Association umbrella, while Montgomery County is in the current “green phase”.

Proper social distancing measures should be followed. In particular: 

  • Coaches will keep a face covering in their pocket during high intensity drill work. 
    • Each time a coach brings players in for instruction or discussion, players and coaches will put on a face covering. 
  • Instruct families on restrictions for transportation to/from all practices, and limit their attendance at these events
  • Ensure participants can gather on the field of play while respecting a 6 foot distance
  • Ensure that a physical distance of 6 feet or more be kept at all times before, during and after practice by all players, coaches and non-participants
  • All adult non-coaches and non-playing children will be required to remain outside of the playing area and maintain social distancing standards. 
    • All adult non-coaches and non-playing children are encouraged to wear a mask should they choose to not remain in their car during the practice session. Following current social distancing guidelines for Montgomery County
  • Players must have hand sanitizer in their bags
  • Require all players (catchers, fielders, batters) to provide and use only their own personal equipment (helmets, masks, bats, gloves, water bottles)
  • Require each player to have their own beverage bottle clearly labeled with their name. No plastic store-purchased bottles (Water, Gatorade, Powerade, ect) will be allowed on the field nor in the dugout.
  • Not allow any gum chewing nor sunflower seed chewing/eating/spitting will be permitted on the field nor in the dugout area
  • Require social distancing take place between all coaches and players before, during and after the assigned practice
  • Require hand sanitizer to be administered by the players to themselves, with coach supervision, during all beverage breaks and as practice ends
  • Require players to place their equipment along the first and third base fencing but inside the field. The dugouts will be used only as an exit and an entrance to the field if there is not other option to enter and exit the field. 
    • The ground will be marked by TYA to identify equipment placement
  • Remind players at the start of practice to avoid touching their face with their hands. They will be reminded to use their arms or a personal towel to wipe away sweat from their face. 
  • Require that players warming up must maintain the same throwing partner all throughout the warmup toss period. Hands sanitizer will be directed to be applied after the warm up has been completed. 
  • Advise that there should be no ‘high-5’s”, handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps or other displays of sportsmanship. Instead, sportsmanship will be encouraged with a tip of the hat from a safe distance. 
  • Not allow mouth guards to be allowed to be worn. Players should wear a face mask in place of a mouth guard.  
    • Players wearing protective masks will be reminded to use their arm or a personal towel in order to remove sweat from their face 
  • Require and provide each coach group with their have their own set of baseballs which will be used for a specific group of players and coaches
    • Baseballs will be spray sanitized between team practice sessions
  • Require that a coach throwing batting practice in a batting cage would be the only one allowed to touch or retrieve the balls during the length of the practice
  • Require a distance of eight feet between each batter in line for the batting cage. The “on-deck” batter must be eight feet from the batter. The batting cage line will allow for eight feet between the line and the coach/pitcher in the cage.
  • Require batting tee work will consist of just the batter. There will not be a second player placing balls on the tee for the batter. 
    • The balls used for the tee practice will remain with that tee during the entire practice session
  • Require when a coach is leading infield practice via using a fungo bat, if they are utilizing a catcher or a coach to throw the ball to the coach hitting, they must maintain the six foot distance requirement. 
    • The drill will be modified such that the coach is picking the ball out of a bucket with each swing. And the catcher/coach receiving the throw will also place the received ball in a separate bucket. 
    • The same rule will apply if a coach is in the outfield and hitting balls to the outfielders. 

Pennsylvania Guidelines:



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